Crane Rental and Rigging

Crane Rental Los Angeles, is company specializing in crane rental, rigging and lifting services in Los Angeles, California. We have a variety of cranes such as Hydraulic Truck Cranes, rough terrain cranes, Crawler cranes, All Terrain cranes, Conventional Truck Cranes and boom trucks. The cranes we employ range from 20 tons to 500 tons that include transportation from our installations to the job site. And, we provide operators and riggers that are all highly experienced, with over 10 years experiences each, as well as union trained and certified.

Our company has an extensive experience in residential, commercial and industrial projects in different locations in the city of Los Angeles. We have rented cranes and provided services in different projects related to: Mobile Crane Rigging, Air Conditioning Unit Lifts, Crane Rigging, Construction, Tower Crane Lifting, Machinery Lifting, Military Crane Services, Shipping Containers Liftings, Spa Liftings, Landscaping and Tree Lifting.

With every crane rental, we send out a certified operator with the right size crane for the project. Upon request, we can also supply a qualified rigger and/or signal person. We also employ three full-time mechanics to ensure that our mobile hydraulic cranes are always up-to-date on their maintenance and repairs. Having our own mechanics also means that we can immediately send out a replacement crane if any issues were to arrive with any of our rental cranes services.

At Crane Rental Los Angeles, we provide knowledge and value to each construction project. We go above and beyond the competition to ensure each and every customer is getting efficient, reliable and expert crane rental service.

Rent a Crane in Los Angeles
Crane Rental

Crane Service Locations

Anahein, CA – Buena Park, CA – Carlsbad, CA – Corona, CA – Escondido, CA – Hollywood, CA – Irwindale, CA – Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles, CA  Mission Viejo, CA – Moreno Valley, CA – Newport Beach, CA – Oceanside, CA – Orange, CA – Paramount, CA
Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Redondo Beach, CA – Riverside, CA – San Diego, CA – Santa Ana, CA
Santa Monica, CA – Thousand Oaks, CA – Torrance, CA – Van Nuys, CA

Our company has many types of cranes available for rent in Los Angeles, California. The cranes have a lifting capacity between 20 tons and 500 tons.

We are able to provide different types of crane services depending on the proyect. From lifing containers to rigging construction materials.

Our prices are included with a certified operator and we can supply qualified rigger if needed. Overtime rates shall apply over 8 eight hours and rates are based on our standard wages.


In this video we are working on a bridge rigging and installation during the night. This Project is located in the city of Los Angeles.

The current video is a demonstration of lifting and rigging of a spa in the area of Buena Park, California.