Air Conditioning Unit Lifts

Our Crane Rental Company offers the service to install, remove or replace air conditioning units in Los Angeles, California. In the past we have provided air conditioning unit lifts in commercial and industrial buildings all around Southern California.

We specialize in both light- and heavy-duty lifts for air conditioners: our cranes range from 20-ton to 550-ton load capacity. That means we can lift any AC unit, from the smallest to the largest, at almost any possible location. We are able to lift units from sidewalks, trucks, rooftops, side yards, backyards, even over houses and buildings. If you’re replacing an air conditioning unit, we can help you perform the lift for both the removal of the old unit and installation of the new one.

Services we offer:

  • Air Conditioning Unit Lifts.
  • Air Conditioning Unit Installation, Replacement and Removal.
  • HVAC Unit Lifts.

One of the advantages of our experience with the HVAC installations is the diversity of our fleet. We have all-terrain cranes, boom truck cranes and conventional hydraulic cranes available to best serve the different project magnitude. Whether your unit needs to be placed inside a room, or on top of a building, our company has the cranes and equipment to perform the installation.

We can extend our service of Air Conditioning Unit Lifts to all of Southern California. For more information on load charts, rates and cranes please contact us at (number).