Shipping Container Lifting

A crane is commonly associated with container offloading or lifting.  They offer a lot of flexibility in a city such as Los Angeles. The crane itself is a vehicle, and an additional truck/trailer will be needed to separately transport the container.

If you are planning on renting a crane they’re a few things to consider:

A crane is the best option to place a container onto the side of a hill or other very uneven terrain, assuming an adequate and leveled foundation is available to place the container. The crane itself will need a flat area to setup and deploy its outriggers.

The crane will have the most trouble with overhead obstructions of almost any option presented in this article. If your build has a lot of tree cover or other obstructions, you might want to consider other options.

Cranes come in a variety of load capacities, but if adequately sized, they’ll have no trouble with a shipping container independent if it´s full or not. The crane capacity is a function of not only the weight it can hold, but also the horizontal distance from the crane that this weight must be carried.  Depending on your design, this could impact the size of crane needed for your lift, so be sure to discuss this with us before renting any crane.

Cranes offer the greatest potential for stacking of all offloading options, and can handle all stacking configurations very well.

Our Services Feature:

  • Modern fleet of cranes from 20 to 500 ton.
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