All Terrain Cranes

All terrain cranes are mobile cranes with the required equipment to travel at speed on public roads or highways. Able to operate on rough terrain at the job site, using all-wheel and crab steering. It also has powerful lifting capabilities.

These cranes are perfect for remote construction sites with no road access. For instance, they are generally used for the installation of oil and gas pipelines, the erection of wind turbines, the lifting of heavy pre-cast concrete building segments and other construction and heavy haulage applications.

All terrain cranes are some of the largest, most mobile cranes available today. They combine the best of both types: the mobility of truck mounted cranes and the maneuverability of rough terrain cranes. They can easily move through sand and gravel as well as travel smoothly on asphalt roads and highways. It has the capability to travel from site to site independently.

Capacity: Capacity ranges from 40 to 1,000 tons and reaches heights of up to 500 feet offering both power and precision.

Speed: All terrain cranes are capable of reaching speeds up to 55 miles (88 Km) per hour.

Efficiency: Integrated attached booms are part of the cranes and travel with them.

Agility: All terrain cranes offer the agility and function of a pick-and-carry rough terrain crane.

Safety: Even though all terrain cranes are compact, they still offer exceptional visibility from the cab in order to help operators have a full view of the work area.

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