Liebherr LR 1300

300 ton crawler crane for rent in LA, California. The Liebherr LR 1300 has a maximum lift capacity of 300 tons. Primarily designed for lifting work with high loads. The crane convinces with its high mobility and flexible applications. A derrick system with suspended counterweight as well as a heavy duty jib further enhance load capacities. The LR 1300 is often used for maintenance and assembly work on wind turbines.


  • Max. load capacity   300 t
  • At radius      4.30 m
  • Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight from 20 m
  • Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight up to                92 m
  • Max. load torque     3, 172 tm
  • Lattice jib from          20.0 m
  • Lattice jib up to         113.0 m
  • Derrick boom up to 20.0 m
  • Central ballast           57 t
  • Counterweight at superstructure     124 t
  • Derrick ballast            120 t
  • Engine power            390 kW
  • Driving speed            1.30 km/h

For more details on specifications and load charts of the Liebherr LR 1300 crawler crane please download our manual in PDF format or or visit the official website of Liebherr.


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