Hydraulic Truck Cranes

The Hydraulic Truck Cranes are alike in design to All Terrain Cranes, the hydraulic truck crane is meant for a fast setup and quick lifts. All hydraulic truck cranes are able to drive in roads and highways, although some models may require a support truck to transport counterweight and boom accessories. Nearly all models are considered below 100 tons of lifting capacity, but recent models have passed the 150 ton lifting capacity. Most models will use a single engine to power the upper and lower systems on the crane.

Furthermore, these cranes are practical in setting pre-fabricated concrete applications such as tilt wall, parking garages, concrete base blocks and bridge assembly.  They are also used in the steel erection process.  Our conventional truck cranes can be rented with a certified operator and rigger.

At the present time we have the following Hydraulic Truck Cranes for rent in Los Angeles, California:

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