Link-Belt HTC 8640

40 Ton Crane for Rent in Los Angeles, California. The Link-Belt HTC 8640 is a Hydraulic Truck Crane with a maximum lift capacity of 40 tons and a 105 foot hydraulic boom with a quick reeve boom head. With extensions the maximum tip height is 162 feet. It features a 350hp electronic Cummins engine and a three axle 6×6 drive configuration which can achieve 60 mph.


  • Nominal Capacity: 40 Tons.
  • Standard Boom: 35.5′-110′ Full Power.
  • Telescope System: 2 Cyl/Cable.
  • Tip Height 167′.
  • Speed: 60 mph.

For more detailed specifications of the Link-Belt HTC 8640 Hydraulic Truck Crane you can download our PDF format manual or visit the official website of Link-Belt.


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