Crane Rental Rates

Our rates for renting a crane in Los Angeles, California vary from size to model and the duration of the project. At the moment we have All Terrain Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Conventional Truck Cranes, and Hydraulic Truck Cranes ranging from 20 tons to 500 tons.

  1. Overtime rates shall apply over 8 eight hours. Rates are based on company standard wages. We must be notified in advance if the project has any specific wages or reporting requirements and a job specific proposal can be provided for the project.
  2. Cranes are subject to availability. No warranty is made as to the capacity, capability or specific application unless specifically provided in writing.
  3. Suitable access roads and work areas that comply with OSHA standards shall be provided by others. All access roads and work areas must be firm and level providing adequate support of the equipment.
  4. Overhead and underground utilities, structures or objects are the responsibility of others. Any damage to utilities, structures, paving or landscaping is the responsibility of others.
  5. Damage to equipment or rigging by others will be invoiced at cost.
  6. We are not be responsible for damage to any lift points or any damage as a result of the failure of any lift points.
  7. All hoisting will be performed within the limits of the load charts and as determined to be safe by our crane operator.
  8. We will not handle or transport any hazardous materials, equipment or containers.
  9. We shall not be liable for any liquidated damages, consequential damages or any other charges.
  10. Payment in full net 30 days from receipt of invoice with no retainage allowed.

For an updated price list of our cranes please contact us.